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7th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage 

This review describes the current state of technology of acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage. The review is based on the presentations from the St Louis SME Conference in 2006. Organizations and web sites that focus on acid mine drainage are listed and surveyed. Topics covered include management, social, government, and sustainability issues, characterization, prediction, modeling, treatment, subsurface impacts, surface impacts, forestry and wetland post-mining use, mining legacy, lesson learned, and personal perspectives.
7th ICARD Conference

by Jack Caldwell
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There is no one place to access all the information there is on acid rock drainage. I have no intention of trying to remedy that lack. All I do in this review is present the current state of things as gleaned from the proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage (ICARD) held in March 2006 in St Louis, Missouri. To keep things moving I do not provide paper titles or authors; all I do is provide in square brackets [xxxx] the page number of the paper. As that is the way the CD of the proceedings is organized for quick access, I believe this facilitates your accessing papers.

I have not tried to include reference to all the papers; I touch on only those that caught my attention. I omit any reference to papers on covers and other geotechnical topics. I will deal with them in future reviews. I also have not mentioned any of the poster session papers. Those too we will mine at a later date for information; for now I follow the conference organizers in deciding that they are of less immediate interest than the presented papers. I confess I did not attend any of the presentations, except for one. So this review is based almost exclusively on reading the papers in the quiet of my study.

All 209 pages are now available on-line. That is, you can now see for free over two hundred abstracts of all the papers presented at the 7th ICARD Conference in St Louis in March 2006. The abstracts come to us by kind courtesy of the University of Kentucky and their Cooperative Extension Service. Thanks also to Richard Barnhisel, Executive Secretary, American Society of Mining and Reclamation, who edited the proceedings and made this all possible. And to a lady I have never met, but of whom I have heard good things said and who unfailingly e-mails me. Maybe one day I get to my first American home, Tucson. I will walk Sabino Canyon, drive up mount Lemon and take a quick trip to Phoenix to meet her. Her name is Rebecca Miller and we owe her thanks and gratitude and good luck in her new job.


  • INAP. International Network for Acid Prevention. An industry-wide organization of mining companies that wish to collaboratively address acid drainage. [0623]
  • Objective: Promote significant improvements in the management of sulfidic mine materials and the reduction of liability associated with acid drainage through sharing knowledge and research and development of technology.

  • Global ARD Alliance. A group sponsored by INAP and that includes those organizations listed below. [0623]
  • Objective: Share information and work collaboratively with like organizations across the world.

  • MEND. Mine Environment Neutral Drainage Program. A Canadian federal government funded group. [2133]
  • Objectives: Develop scientifically based technologies to reduce the effects of acid drainage.

  • ADTI. Acid Drainage Technology Initiative. A United States group that includes representatives from industry, state and federal governments, and universities. Originally formed by representatives of federal agencies, the National Mining Association (NMA) and the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC). [2159]
  • Objective: To build consensus among industry and federal and state regulatory agencies on acid drainage technology development technology transfer issues.

  • PADRE. Partnership for Acid Drainage Remediation in Europe. A permanent commission of the International Mine Water Association (IMWA). [2571]
  • Objective: Foster best practice, based on the latest research, in the remediation of acidic drainage in active and abandoned mines throughout Europe.

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