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7th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage 

This review describes the current state of technology of acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage. The review is based on the presentations from the St Louis SME Conference in 2006. Organizations and web sites that focus on acid mine drainage are listed and surveyed. Topics covered include management, social, government, and sustainability issues, characterization, prediction, modeling, treatment, subsurface impacts, surface impacts, forestry and wetland post-mining use, mining legacy, lesson learned, and personal perspectives.
7th ICARD Conference

by Jack Caldwell
Quick Links

INAP A good-looking site with lots of recent information.

MEND As with all the Canadian government funded sites, this is replete with useful information.

ADTI As with all United States sites run by essentially volunteer energy, this site is variable, with some current parts and some neglected parts.

ACMER A very large and comprehensive site. Clearly this one costs the Australian tax payer, but we might as well enjoy the site and benefit thereby.

EnviroMine One of InfoMine's TechnoMine sites. Old writings and links on acid mine drainage. There is sometimes new information on this site about acid mine drainage, including this review.

Robertson GeoConsultants Lots of dated but fundamental information on this site that is no longer maintained. Nevertheless a good source if you want to start at the beginning of the subject.

Projects sponsored by INAP include: wet covers, dry covers, waste rock characterization, pit lakes, codisposal, prediction, heap closure, risk assessment, and breakthrough technologies. [0623]

Projects sponsored by MEND include: Cold Temperature Effects on Geochemical Weathering; Northern Soil Covers; and Diavik Waste Rock Pile Scale Up. [2133]

Projects sponsored by ADTI include compilation of a series of workbooks, most still in preparation and the Molycorp waste rock stability project. [2159]

Projects sponsored by PADRE include: passive treatment of acid drainage via the PIRAMID project and management of catchments affected by mining via the ERMITE project.

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