A library should be a quiet, wood-paneled room where you can browse dusty magazines and peek into the past. I’m afraid such places no longer exist. Now it is glitzy glass, brass, and concrete. Or a noisy agglomeration of students clucking over computers. At least we can get some quiet in our own homes and offices and trawl the internet for magazines. Here are some sites (alphabetically listed) with the look and feel of old magazines in a quiet library. Good for flipping through: repetitive, mostly musty, but fun and entertaining if you have time to waste.

Deep Mine A South African site with technical information about deep mining. Difficult to work out who does it or why.

ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal More teasers and more invitations to purchase back issues.

IMDEX, Inc – The (un)Official Mining Directory of Mexico

Industrial Minerals. Again an invitation to subscribe and a few news items.

InfoMine Africa. This site has no connection to or with InfoMine.com. A reasonable source of information about mines in Africa.

InfoMine Russia. Again nothing to do with InfoMine.com. They say this about themselves:

InfoMine was founded in 1992 by two principals with extensive background in the mining and processing mineral resources business who gained a hands-on understanding of the importance of timely, accurate market information. Since then, the company’s success and expansion have been directly attributable to constantly working toward a goal of cost-effective analysis, interpretation and dissemination of information throughout of mineral resources, metals, chemicals, petrochemicals sectors. InfoMine accomplishes this objective by utilizing the right combination of people, information gathering skills, technology, and forecasting techniques with strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Then there is http://www.infomine.org/ which has nothing to do with mining that I can tell.

International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment. The website is that of Francis and Taylor and their stable of magazines.

MBendi Here is how they described themselves:

The MBendi website is widely used by the global community of corporate and political executives, managers and business professionals to find opportunities, business and finance partners and reference information. The MBendi website is also one of the world’s top mining, energy, oil and gas, resources and trade websites, as well as providing information on travel destinations worldwide. Directories on the MBendi website contain extensive information on companies, organizations, personalities, projects, facilities and more, often updated online by our visitors around the globe.

Metal resources Directory Sources of information and reviews on other sites

Mine-Explorer. This website provides photographs and information on many of the disused mines found across the U.K. It is intended as a comprehensive resource for not only Mine-Explorers, but cavers, historians, industrial archaeologists and professional bodies. It relies on content provided from Mine-Explorers out in the field who continually update the database.

Miner’s Advice is a typically British collection of news, views, mining poetry, eclectic book reviews, and forthcoming events in the coal mining industry of England.

The Miners Manual A list of resources, classified ad, links, and companies.

Miners News. Reporting on the mining, aggregate, and heavy equipment industry, this publication comes from Boise, Idaho. Not much on their website.

Mine Water and the Environment. A link to Springer and their stable of publications.

Mining Activity Update Mining Activity Update is a research service that provides accurate mining industry data at reasonable cost. Our clients include mining companies, venders, commodity specialists and mining executives who desire current information or historical research materials quickly in simply displayed formats.

Mining Basics A collection of short articles on mining with a few Google ads. Not sure what it is all about or seeks to achieve.

Mining Environmental Management Online One of the Mining Journal magazines. More news and teasers to get you to subscribe.

Mining-europe.de is a delightful site consisting of a wonderful collection of old photographs of mines in Europe and specifically the United Kingdom.

Mining Gazette.com serving Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga and Ontonagon Counties since 1858 Michigan. General interest newspaper in spite of name.

The Mining Journal “The Upper Peninsula’s Largest Daily Newspaper” Michigan

Mining in Manitoba. Mostly educational and general low-level information.

The mining news They headline that they are “an archive of mining-related news excerpts and publications linked to their original sources.” OK.

The Mining Record. Billed as the industry’s leading newspaper since 1889. The contents are reports on exploration and mining activities, similar to those that stream across the web derived from stock exchange listings. When I last looked at their website they were “rebuilding” so nothing much there.

Mining USA.com More of the same and not much of it.

The Northern Miner. Billed as the Global Mining Newspaper. The Home Page of their website is blank with a few leads to a few jobs and news items.

The Prospector The Prospector has mineral prospects and mining claims of interest to investors and mine developers, in an E-Magazine format as well as how-to articles to get you started staking your own mining claims. You too can be a prospector in one of the last of the frontier laws still allowed in the United States of America. The mining law of 1872. We have even included building plans to make your own gold mining rocker.

The Rocker Box A site “devoted to all who enjoy gold prospecting, treasure hunting, metal detecting, and ghost town hunting.” Fun site to check out.

SafetyMine Sources of mine safety equipment and equipment.

Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal “Showcases the mining industry of North Bay, Timmins, and Sudbury, Ontario.” Mainly news with three commentaries when I looked.

Surface Mining Law Legislative History As its name implies, a resource on the history of the surface mining law.

Western Mining Resource Center This site from the Colorado School of Mines mining Engineering Department tells of their research and provides a few publications.

Then there are the sites that keep on eye on mining’s sins. Generally great writing, but sad stories. (1) MiningWatch Canada; (2) Great Basin Mine Watch; (3) Westerners for Responsible Mining; (4) Green Scissors .

Please let me know if there are more.