HOSS has developed a Wireless Mesh Communications/Video platform. Like me you may well ask - what is that and what good will it do me? Maybe the answer lies in their slogan: "Put It Anywhere", "Watch It Everywhere." That is, the system provides a long-range, wireless Networked Video Surveillance umbrella for remote monitoring and security surveillance at “large landmass operations.” What a terrible term, a LLO. Simply put, you can use the Hoss equipment at a mine, at a landfill, at a military base, in short anywhere there is a long fence around a big piece of land.

There are two models, the HOSS NT 2005 and HOSS NF 2005 shown below.

Figure 1 - HOSS NT 2005

Figure 2 - HOSS NF 2005

Each unit provides secure remote monitoring and video surveillance from any authorized computer connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. Intrusion detection and video monitoring software can be configured to automatically record to a hard drive any security breach. I liked the one on the use of artificial intelligence to detect intruders.

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