I found the following at number 175 on a Google search of the key words “Mining Ventilation.” It seems to me worth recording here.

Much Quicker Mine Ventilation and Cooling Simulations

The Division of Mining Technology's significantly improved ENVIRON 2.5 computer program, launched in August last year, has gained fast acceptance in the mining industry with more than 40 copies now in routine use within and outside South Africa.

The program was developed to simulate mine ventilation and cooling systems. Though targeted for use on mines, ENVIRON is also finding increasing application in universities where it is used for training in mining engineering departments.

To support mines in the effective use of the program, Miningtek is offering a number of training courses. To date, introductory and advanced courses have been presented to a range of mining sectors including gold, platinum and diamond mines.

ENVIRON 2.5 has a number of new features, the most significant being a doubling of the solution speed. This was achieved by streamlining and in some cases completely revising, the solution algorithms and their corresponding source codes.

In addition larger networks can be solved, with the ability to include approximately 50% more branches. This enables the modelling of complex underground situations with greater accuracy.

A further improvement concerns the results reporting facilities which now have the added option of viewing and editing using spreadsheet programs (Lotus 1-2-3, Excel and Quatro Pro).