I’ve changed oil in enough engines to know that no matter how careful you are it’s easy to burn yourself, especially around the exhaust system. Having insulation around the exhaust system sure would have saved some burnt skin. Saving burnt skin is just one of the ways Firwin Corp.'s engine blankets are helping the mining industry.

Other challenges unique to the mining industry are the confined spaces and harsh conditions both equipment and engines are subjected to. This causes many problems, particularly underground where fires can be very hazardous and falling debris is not uncommon.

Firwin has designed their MineWrap™ specifically for these conditions. One of the limitations of a standard insulation blanket is that oil for the engine or hydraulic hoses lodge in the insulation matt. A build up of oil in the insulation poses a significant danger of spontaneous combustion. Firwin has solved this problem with their MineWrap™ Mark II by creating a stainless steel foil inner liner. This liner covers the insulation matt, preventing oil from an oil leak or hose burst from reaching the insulation matt material. With the MineWrap™ Mark III, Firwin made further improvements, including:

  • Joint Safety Seal to keep hydraulic oil spills away from hot engine surfaces.
  • Reinforced stainless steel foil covered with a stainless steel mesh, to withstand tough mining conditions such as falling debris.
  • Reinforced Outer Surface: MineWrap™ Mark III replaces the outer liner with a reinforced stainless steel foil and mesh. This gives an extra measure of rigidity and allows the blanket to stand up to the wear and tear of underground mining.
  • Joint Safety Seal: For an added measure of safety, the Mark III features a Joint Safety Seal. The Mark III Joint Safety Seals act as a barrier to these flammable oils, providing an added measure of fire safety.

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