As good a reason as any for the mining engineer to travel to Malaysia (and who would pass up such an opportunity), is to consult with Belmah Strategies.

Their core business include Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Six Sigma (6 Sigma), Total Quality Management (TQM), Research and Development (R&D) and Service Quality (ServQual).

An impressive lists of reasons to go to Malaysia and get these services for your mine and apply them to your mining operations. From their website—for I have not been to Malaysia--it appears they will develop software to your prescribed functional requirements, they will facilitate your implementing quality programs, they will undertake in-house research of your manufacturing processes, and basically help you apply modern principles of quality management and control to your operations.

Their key software is iCT-M which is short for Information Communicative Technology aided Manufacturing for AFTA and Economic Competitiveness. I have no idea what it actually does, other than that they say it “integrates quality, productivity and cost improvements without the need for detailed mathematics, statistics, engineering or other hard-skills.“