If you plan or operate a mine in Indonesia or those parts of the world drawing on Indonesian skills, you may wish to consider the services offered by SKILL-RIGHT. Here is what they do:

As noted in the diagram below they will come into your organization and assess staffing & work practices, staff & system performance, training programs, and quality processes. Then they will advise you on how to make all these things better. Simple as that. Although the way they describe it, it sounds more complex. For example under the heading Site Assessment (Capability Assessment and Benchmarking) they list these services:

  • Evaluate the factors that influence and limit the performance of personnel.
  • Assess practices, management systems, and work processes against industry best practices.
  • Engage workforce in the initial stages of the improvement effort.
  • Provide the foundation for the development of a capability improvement strategy.
  • Provide the management team with the basis for the strategic management of capability / performance improvement efforts.

Next they will move to Phase 2 – Capability Management Program Design and Implementation that include:

o Design, where appropriate Capability Management architecture is defined, planned and established;

o Implementation, wherein efficient and smooth deployment of the design is achieved.

Finally they will help you establish a Continuous Performance Program that includes these objectives:

  • To drive continuous improvement of systems
  • To continually improve human capital through adequate skills transfer
  • To drive accountability and sustainability
  • To measure extent of usage and understanding
  • To formulate action plan and address non-compliance and development issues

Seems worth a call to me.