By Greg Fenrick

Taking your Winki Drill to Remote Locations

If you’ve never heard or worked with a Winkie drill, you might easily get the name Winkie confused with the Scottish nursery rhythm Wee Willie Winkie or the Winkie Country in the fictional Land of Oz. I couldn’t find any information about how the word winkie became part of the name Winkie drill, but presumably it’s connected to the inventor, Fred Wink, who designed the JKS Winkie drill in the mid 1970’s. For more information about the history of the Winkie Drill, please visit this website.

Since 2000, Minex International has been the manufacturer of the Winkie Drill. If you’re drilling in remote locations such as high mountains, deserts, arctic tundra or dense jungles, the Winkie drill is the core drill of choice. The main reason for this is because the drill weighs only 180 pounds and can be carried by pickup truck, mule back, helicopter or two men into the most difficult terrain. Highlights include:

  • Lightweight drill rods, with the capacity to drill 475 feet using E size tools.
  • Total weight of the drill and Unipress frame is only 185 pounds (84.1 kg.)
  • Operation from sea-level to high altitudes
  • Lightest gear-shift diamond drill in operation today
  • The Winkie tripod with winch increases the production rate and results in lowered fatigue for the drill crew

Examples of how and where the Winkie Drill is being used:

For detailed specifications, please visit Minex International’s Winkie drill product information page on their website.

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