A History of Metallurgy (1994) is edited by Fathi Habashi of the Department of Mining & Metallurgy, Laval University, Quebec City. It is a collection of articles from a multi-volume work. A History of Technology published by Oxford University Press between 1954 and 1958. Fathi selected the papers in this volume, put them in a uniform format, and corrected some typos.

It is a valuable collection and as I browsed its pages I could not help but wonder at the impact of mining on politics, war, conquest, and civilization through the ages. We always read in the history books of the general, the admiral, the leader, the assembly debates tha swayed the crowed to heroic action. Seldom do we read about the people and processes that gave rise to the shield, the cannon, and those other artifacts of policy and war that made the winning side the winner. Seldom do we read of the mining, the smelting, and the manufacture that made glorious battles possible, that gave rise to long-lasting empires, and the subjugation of non-mining peoples.

If you are excited or annoyed by the role that mining has played in promoting the rise and fall of societies and civilizations, then this book will interest you.