From Gekko Systems:

This is the first of an eight week short information program that is intended to keep people in the mineral processing sector up to date with the developments at Gekko Systems.

Topics in the program will include:

  • GFIL gold plants
  • InLine Leach Reactors
  • Underground Processing Plant
  • InLine Pressure Jig for Diamonds
  • Technical and Laboratory Services

This week’s topic:

Gekko MagScreen – “two in one, smarter, cleaner”

A recently released dual function product designed to both screen and remove magnetics from feed to gravity circuits.

This unit boasts a unique alternating tapered magnet. Featuring high quality stainless steel construction, this unit is robust.


  • Better IRR from your Gravity circuit - higher availability and recoveries
  • Low cost installation - low head height requirements, low structural requirements, two in one!
  • Non blinding screen - automatic screen rotation
  • Clean magnetics recovery - unique magnet design
  • Zero water consumption - no dilution

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