Here is your chance to advance the cause of mining and the cause of justice. There is no way we can make a positive contribution to Wikipedia on the issue of mining and international law as it relates to mining. We are unlikely to be able to constructively advance discussion on the issues of social justice, law, and mining in that venerable site.

But there is a wiki that appears to have started up near the end of last year that has nothing I can find on mining at all. It is Wiki-Law. There is a similar site called Wikilaw; beware the slight change of a hyphen and a capital and you have something different. This site too is devoid of anything on mining law.

All those who talk loud about sustainable mining are now provided an opportunity to write down the legal basis for this confusing concept and set out the legal basis for its implementation—here is a blank slate for the 21st century of mining. I hope they select the long-standing category of international law as the basis for a “law” of responsible mining (the term, concept, and practice I prefer) or of sustainable mining (as propounded by many hitherto). I will watch with interest; link to it when worthwhile; and comment when it wavers.