In 1989 Elsevier published a book called Tailings Management: Problems and Solutions in the Mining Industry by Gordon M. Ritcey. I recently stumbled across a copy in an old library. I confess I had not previously noticed or being aware of this publication. Second-hand copies can be purchased for between $500 and $800 on Here is a brief review of the book:

Gordon Ritcey of Energy, Mines and Resources, Canada, and well-known to the Australian mining industry, has compiled this substantial book in response to the mounting pressure being applied to mine operators to clean up their act to the extent that mine wastes are totally contained and the sites rehabilitated and protected in perpetuity from disintegration....The text overall is directed towards the very practical aspects of waste management and presents solutions which have been found effective in world-wide practice.

Seeking to find out more about the author, for the book tells nothing, I found this link to a site called The author is running an SX Workshop August 21-24, 2007 in Niagara Falls, Canada. The site also advertises a two-volume book Solvent Extraction: Principles and Applications to Process Metallurgy by Dr. Ritcey.

A review of this book notes the following about Dr. Ritcey:

Dr. Gordon M. Ritcey, Independent Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Hydrometallurgy at Curtin University's Western Australian School of Mines, is a leading international authority in hydrometallurgy, specializing in solvent extraction and tailings management. His professional experience spans over the last five decades and includes work in the academy, research, development, and industry. Dr. Gordon M. Ritcey is heading seminars in Solvent Extraction in which Solvent Extraction front edge technology is reviewed and discussed by attendees who lead the Solvent Extraction development still further.

And that is all I could determine. Please help if you can.