Only the abstracts of the papers presented at Minefill 2007 –the 9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill in Montreal are available to CIM members. Extended abstracts of these papers from the symposium are printed in the CIM Magazine, August 2007.

I took an in-depth look at all the abstracts. Most deal with the performance of various materials, amended with various additives, as backfill material. Not a lot of general interest; lots of information if you are faced with having to come up with the optimum mix for your backfill.

Presumably the CIM considers those printed in the CIM magazine and listed below the best and most informative. I cannot really tell on the basis of seeing only the abstracts. Pity the CIM puts all this information behind closed doors—effectively lost forever like a Harry Potter spell buried deep in the vault at the Ministry of Magic.

So while these reviews are still “open” take a look. Those pointing out the obvious, namely use the effective stress principle, should be required reading for all mining engineers.

Backfill pipeline distribution systems - design methodology review
by R. Cooke

In situ measurements for geomechanical design of cemented paste backfill systems
by M.W. Grabinsky and W.F. Bawden

Paste backfill bulkhead failures and pressure monitoring at Cayeli Mine
by M. Yumlu and M. Guresci

Engineering design of backfill systems in undercut mining
by A.P.E. Dirige and E. De Souza

Factors that affect cemented rockfill quality in Nevada mines
by D.M.R. Stone

Advancing paste fill bulkhead design using numerical modelling
by D.P. Sainsbury and M.B. Revell

The challenge of cyanide: Opportunities and challenges for backfill operations presented by the International Cyanide Management Code
by C.L. Reichardt

Using effective stress theory to characterize the behaviour of backfill
by A.B. Fourie, M. Helinski and M. Fahey

A study of physical and mechanical behaviour of gelfill
by F. Hassani, S.M. Razavi and I. Isagon

An effective stress approach to modelling mine backfilling
by M. Helinski, M. Fahey and A.B. Fourie

Application of minefill at Barrick Gold
by R. Evans, J. Ran and R. Allan