Unless you were stranded on a desert island over the last few years, everyone involved in mining operations has been scrambling around looking for OTR tires, as manufacturers such as Michelin and Goodyear have tried, but failed to meet demand. Many have turned retreads, but Asian manufacturers have been only too happy to help ease this demand with cheap tires for those willing to pay a little more than they would for retreads. The main manufacturers such as Michelin are worried about Asian tire-making competitors, however, in discussions with tire dealers, it typically takes 2-3 Asian tires to equal one made by one of the main manufacturers. I’m sure this has helped by giving some buyers hesitation, but this situation has been a windfall for Asian manufacturers.

To stay competitive, Michelin has worked hard to reduce their labour costs to 20% of total production cost. This has helped, however, it take more than lower labour costs to keep their customers. They’ve done this through superior products and technology. Michelin has totally redesigned their radial tire architecture with innovative chemical compounding; new tread design and tread-depth solutions that match their customers E3 and E4 environments. As well, Michelin has developed a new tire-monitoring tool called MEMS (Michelin Earthmover Management System). The MEMS is a tire -monitoring system that provides real-time data on tire air pressure and temperature. MEMS uses a computer chip in the air chamber of the tire to transmit critical performance information to your operations control room. Designed to improve productivity, optimize performance and reduce overall costs, MEMS alerts you when there is a change in air pressure or internal temperature of tires in service. This allows you to make adjustments to maximize tire performance and extend tire life by keeping tires working within their design limits. Benefits of this system include:

  • Increased tire life
  • Reduced flats, punctures, and tears
  • Maximize traction and performance
  • Provide stability and operator comfort.

Visit Michelin’s website to find out more about their OTR tires and underground tire offerings.

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