By Richard Shepard

Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc., the advanced-technology environmental consultants, announces the availability of AssayWatch(SM), a mineral assay storage system that provides auditable and trustworthy reporting and transparency using a secure hosted application.

The major benefit of AssayWatch is that no data can be surreptitiously changed to increase the apparent value of the company's properties. Once entered, data cannot be deleted. Changes can be made (for example, to correct a laboratory error) while the change, the reason for it, the name of the person making the change, and the date are all securely recorded in the system. This transparency assures investors that their decisions are based on sound data, and it allows exploration and mining companies to attract investors with confidence. The mining company can provide a link to the data on their own website.

The fraud involving Bre-X in the last decade, and the apparent fraud recently uncovered at Southwestern Resources, Inc. shake the confidence of investors in mining company stocks. This uncertainty has great potential effects on junior and mid-tier companies who need to raise capital to exploit the value of their discoveries. Applied Ecosystem Services' AssayWatch gives potential investors confidence in the company's reports, provides regulators with assurance that the company is well-managed and responsible under SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, and facilitates the company's efforts to raise capital in a highly competitive market.

Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. also provides the mineral and energy industries with its customized Mineral Property Suitability Advisor(SM) service, accelerated environmental permitting with its Eikos(SM) approach to quantifying subjectivity, and its permit compliance management system, PermitWatch(SM).

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