Until the mid 20th century, pit ponies were one of the primary ways man and material was transported from underground coal mines. They were so popular that in 1914 there were 70,000 pit ponies at work in British coal mines. Amazingly enough, the last pit pony retired in 1988 and died this year at the ripe old age of 36.

Today, haulage on inclined roads is much different and Becker Mining Systems is a major player in the design of these types of systems. One of Becker Mining System’s most popular products is a floor-mounted rope-driven trap rail haulage system specifically designed for transport on inclined roads.

This system is ideal whenever man and material have to be conveyed rapidly and safely on inclined roads. Even when faced with gradients of 45 degrees and single loads of as much as 32 tons, its proven design prevents it from being derailed. Key features include:

  • Outstanding three-dimensional curve behaviour,
  • Smooth running and perfect rope guidance,
  • Available in gauges of 650 and 900 mm,
  • Drive options ranging from open rope, single rope or double rope arrangement
  • Traction for normal, heavy duty and personnel haulage
  • Extremely safe rack-and-pinion trap rail haulage system with pulling forces from 120 kN up to 300 kN

Depending on the haulage task, requirements, and haulage distance, different types of a floor-mounted rack-and pinion trap rail haulage system are available:

  • With diesel-hydraulic drive
  • With electrical drive and trailing cable
  • With electrohydraulic drive and trailing cable

For more details on the various configurations of the trap rail haulage system, please review the Becker Mining Systems online pdf brochure.

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