I’ve never been much for PC gaming, especially the shoot em up games, but I must confess I have a few racing games that I play every now and then. I think it’s the simulated rush of speed I can’t experience in real life. How can you expect the same acceleration from a Dodge Dakota as you can with computer generated McLaren F1? However, I think my Dodge Dakota’s goes much faster than the PC-based off-highway personal truck training simulators offered by Simlog.

Simlog Inc. is a pioneer and leader in the development of Personal Simulators for affordable heavy equipment operator training and is the first to offer a PC-based Off-Highway Truck simulator for the mining industry.

Simlog's new Off-Highway Truck Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of a modern heavy hauler and is available in English, French, and soon in Spanish. The simulator is jointly distributed by Simlog, VISTA Training, and Simlog's other value-added resellers around the world. The cost of the commercial software license is just US$6,000. The Off-Highway Truck Personal Simulator offers trainers a choice of two kinds of operator interfaces: PC Controls, consisting of off-the-shelf PC input devices, or Replica Controls, with operator control elements from real Off-Highway Trucks. These replica controls are only cost an extra US$14,000. Both offer USB connectivity.

A total of six simulation modules of increasing difficulty are provided to bring operators up to speed in a carefully planned and measured way. The first one, Controls Familiarization introduces the operator controls. The final one, Complete Haul Cycle, combines loading, driving, and dumping. There is even a simulated Wheel Loader built right in, to help teach truck spotting interaction. Benefits of Simlog’s Off-Highway Truck Personal Simulator include:

  • Mission-critical skills assessment,
  • Skills development and refresher training for new and veteran operators alike,
  • Instructional design providing comprehensive yet portable training,
  • Enabling operators to reach their productivity targets sooner, and
  • Reduction in costly repairs to equipment due to operator inexperience.

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