By Richard Shepard

Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc., the advanced-technology environmental consultants, provides a present value (PV) calculator on its web site ( that demonstrates the financial benefits possible by accelerating environmental permitting. The calculator allows mining executives to look at the present value of the anticipated monthly mine revenue at two different time periods, and to vary the interest rate charged to ensure that future value.

By decreasing the time to a permitted and operational mine, the company not only realizes the monthly revenue stream sooner than otherwise, but concurrently decreases expenses associated with the prolonged permitting process. With mineral prices very high, companies and their investors can benefit greatly by quickly bringing projects on line. The on-line calculator permits rapid evaluation of the relative costs of different permitting periods.

Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. provides the mineral and energy industries with its customized Mineral Property Suitability Advisor(SM) service, accelerated environmental permitting with its Eikos(SM) approach to quantifying subjectivity, its permit compliance management system, PermitWatch(SM), and the ability for companies to assure investors that reported mine values are presented transparently and without fraud with AssayWatch(SM).

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