By Greg Fenrick

I don’t know much about non-stick truck boxes other than the liner we got installed in our Dodge Dakota recently. The liner is made of heavy slippery plastic and has 1/2 inch ridges that run the length of the truck, which is great for protecting the truck box, but things keep sliding every time we brake. My wife walks dogs and these ridges are just far enough apart for the dog’s paws to slip between, so it’s funny watching them cautiously walk around. It didn’t take too many trips for them to figure out that it was safer to lie down while the truck is moving, than it was to try to stand and risk sliding around the box when my wife brakes.

In the mining industry, haul truck bodies have two major challenges, wear and tear and build-up of haulage material in the bed. This build up occurs when material sticks to the truck bed and is “carried-back” with each load. By eliminating this carry-back, mining operations can significantly improve productivity.

Some companies have solved this problem by replacing the original bodies with larger, more durable ones. RCAI has taken a different approach, by developing ALDEROX® ASA-12®, an environmentally friendly industrial release agent, which is sprayed on the bed of the original body.

Some of the benefits of utilizing Alderox® products in the mining industry include:

  • The Alderox® product penetrates the metal of the truck bed to create a non-stick film
  • Coverage area of 800-1,000 square feet per gallon of product – only a very small amount is required per application
  • Frequency of application will vary, typically it is one application per vehicle before each 12 hour shift
  • Prevents build-up of materials in the truck beds
  • Significantly reduces the amount of clay and mud build-up on vehicle undercarriages
  • Reduces the amount of down time required for truck cleaning
  • Reduces the likelihood of employee injury caused by cleaning of large truck beds
  • The Alderox® product line is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic, perfect for use in confined areas, underground and in environmentally sensitive locations
  • The Alderox® product line has no recorded negative effect on equipment or materials
  • No mixing/dilution is required – our products are delivered ready to use
  • Application systems, both hand-held and fully automated drive-under, are available for any application and any size haul truck at no cost to the customer

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