The Directors of QMASTOR Limited are pleased to announce the signing of a contract with an Australian Bauxite producer for the provision of QMASTOR’s flagship software system: Pit to® (Pit to Port) Version 4.3.0. The installation will provide comprehensive End to End ore reconciliation across the supply chain. The majority of contract revenue is expected to be realized in the current 07/08 fiscal year.

QMASTOR will provide the client with improved reconciliation capability to compare and analyse pit, process, transportation and end use production data in order to refine and improve estimations and report on actual versus forecast versus budget data throughout the supply chain. This functionality is critical if mining companies want to optimise their in ground resource and improve processes and mine management.

Mr Trent Bagnall, Managing Director of QMASTOR Limited stated:

“With the recent launch of Pit to Port Version 4.3.0 both existing and prospective clients are able to capitalise on the vast improvements in system functionality and features. Our long standing policy of continued and sustained investment in R&D enables opportunities for incremental additions to existing products and also extensions of our product suite as a whole – this is evident in our new (3D Stockpile Modelling) and iFuse (Mine Data Integration) projects.”

“Version 4.3.0 contains new modules including sample management and processing which complement the existing system functionality. The transition to true web based reporting combined with improvements in architecture design, security and application response times ensure the new version is flexible and robust.”

“QMASTOR’s ability to seamlessly integrate to correlated mining systems is a core reason why our systems are the first choice option for the resource industries. We continue to expand our interfaces to the all typical systems incorporated into the mining supply chain including: Mine Models; Mine Schedules; Historians; Data visualisation systems; Truck dispatch; LIMS; Ports; Rail and ERP.”

“The benefits of partnering with QMASTOR are evident in the realisation that all existing and new clients who utilise our systems will be able to utilise enhancements and new version releases as part of their software contract.”

“QMASTOR software systems are set to become the industry standard in Australia for supply chain management and we are confident we will replicate this dominance on a global level.”

About Pit to (Version 4.3.0)

Pit to (Pit to Port) is a management information system for companies operating export and/or domestic bulk materials supply chains. The system enables management to plan, record, track, optimise, account, reconcile and report the tonnage, quality and value of bulk materials across the supply chain. Pit to Port synchronises the operations, logistics, marketing and commercial functions providing a clear and transparent view of supply chain operations.

Developed to be commodity and industry independent, Pit to Port has applications across all bulk commodity industry segments. Built with advanced Microsoft technology, Pit to Port incorporates the latest .Net platform, SQL 2005 databases, SQL reporting services and SQL integration services. The system combines state of the art technology with functional, user friendly interfaces.

Pit to Port modules include:

  • Supply chain planning
  • Budgeting
  • Pit mapping with resource definition
  • Mining
  • Stockpile management
  • Quality and blend Management
  • Processing
  • Sample Management
  • Transportation (Conveyor, Barge, Train, Truck)
  • Shipping
  • Despatch/Demurrage
  • Sales/Purchase contract management
  • Invoicing
  • Revenue, Cash flow & cost accounting
  • Integration
  • Web based reporting

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About QMASTOR Limited

QMASTOR Limited (ASX:QML) is a market leader in the provision of specialist management information systems and services to the global mining, port, power generation and other bulk commodity industries. QMASTOR systems currently manage over 290 million tonnes of bulk commodity movements per annum in coal, iron ore, nickel and bauxite.

Since 1987, QMASTOR has pioneered innovative solutions to empower clients to improve their operations and maximise profit through the efficient use of resources across the supply chain.

For further information contact:

Trent Bagnall – Managing Director
Phone: +61 (2) 4908 2222