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SAG is an acronym for Semi-Autogenous Grinding, which means that it utilizes steel balls in addition to large rocks for grinding. The SAG mills use a minimal ball charge of 6 to 15%. It has a large diameter and short length. It rotates, tumbling its contents, causing a breaking action. The liner is made of wear resistant steel and fitted with lifters, which assist in raising the load as the mill rotates. The load consists of dry ore, steel balls and water, which occupies 30% of the volume. 8% of this volume is steel balls.

The mill chute is continuously fresh ore and crushed until it is small enough to pass through the discharge grates. The feed rate of the mill depends on the horsepower available to turn the mill and how much weight the mill shell can withstand, which is dependent on the support provided by the hydrostatic trunnion bearings.

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