When I first saw SiteStar® skid-mounted lubrication module, it made me think of a summer job working on an oilfield construction crew. Although we didn’t have a lube truck, the maintenance truck was very heavy and made for a bouncy ride on some of the poorly maintained lease roads. If only we could remove the heavy steel maintenance box from the body of the truck each day, it would have made it easier for the driver to hold his hot coffee without spilling it while driving to the work site.

Lube trucks are much heavier than our maintenance truck, especially since it carries all the liquids needed to keep equipment running, including fuel. One of the standout features of the SiteStar® is its patent-pending polyethylene tanks, which are 80% lighter than equivalent-sized steel tanks. Ultimately, the main advantage of the SiteStar® skid-mounted lubrication module, is that the lube skid comes with three integrated lift points for removal with a truck-mounted crane, as well as integrated fork-truck pockets for removal with an on-site fork lift.

No doubt this is a great concept, but what if you want to remove the lube skid at one job site so the maintenance truck can be used at another job site? This would be difficult if you didn’t have a crane or forklift handy.

That’s what caught my eye about the Cargobody fiberglass truck Bodies. Particularly appealing about these truck bodies, are that they can be removed without a crane or forklift, using a quick lift system. Obviously, a fibreglass body is muck lighter than a skid mounted lube truck, so weight may be the reason this kind of option isn’t available. It seems to me that being able to remove any kind of heavy skid mounted module from a maintenance vehicle would sure add to its versatility.