Here we show you a miner's oil lamp made from sturdy cast iron, which comes from the 1800's from Peru. Whale oil, a wick and a strong wrist was all that was required to bring light to the working face.

This particular lamp, resembling a teapot, was made by A C Wells & Co. These lamps were dangerous with their open flame, but saw use for many years. The small "pot" portion of the lamp held the fuel. On the one side it is inscribed as a "Wells' Single Torch Lamp No. 5B." On the other side the inscription is "Strength and Durability". The handle / hanger is shaped for ease of carrying, and it could be hung anywhere. This lamp was not only for use in mines, but could be used anywhere where light was needed. For those of you who are interested in the History of Mining Lamps, we do have a short paper on our site.