When I first saw this product, it reminded me of a similar concept used for helping patients stand up out of a chair. In this case the whole chair lifts whereas the Pronal lifting CLP cushion resemble a big pillow and can lift over 70 tons.

Pronal’s seamless inflatable lifting cushions can handle awkward lifts where there is very limited space in which to work, such as under a plant or in confined spaces found underground, particularly when lifting is required for equipment maintenance. Pronal’s newest cushions range from ultra-thin bags (just 20m mm thick deflated) that can lift weights of more than 65 t each, to powerful spreading cushions that can exert hundreds of tonnes of force to part plant and machinery components for servicing, or to extract quarried material.

Other interesting features include:

  • Can be used for pressing, clamping, tilting and guiding
  • Specific sizes and shapes can be made to order to suit particular applications
  • Can be inflated either by compressor or simple air cylinders
  • Non-slip surface provides maximum friction when stacking two cushions
  • Control systems can be tailored to particular uses
  • Lifting cushions can be supplied with trailers, lifting bases and control systems developed to demanding standards.

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