By Greg Fenrick

Flowmeters and the movement of slurries are not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a smooth running mine, but slurries are found throughout the mining process, including underground, in surface mines and in process plants. Perhaps, most importantly, flowing from process plants to tailings facilities. So, how do you keep the slurries flowing smooth and how do you monitor this?

This is what caught my attention about Endress+Hauser's Promag 55S, which is a high performance electromagnetic flowmeter specifically designed for harsh slurries found in mining.

Using the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques, and advanced electronic filtering, the Promag 55S is able to accurately and reliably measure the flowrates of even the harshest slurries. It’s 'brush' electrode design is made of fine stainless steel strands projecting a short distance through the liner such that the impact of flowing stones and ore is elastic and causes no electrode damage.

Although I’ve only worked with flowmeters in the oil industry, where flow was fairly consistant, but I can see the Promag would also do well in measuring flow in oil sand slurries.

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