In response to the initial posting of a Technology review on modular and mobile buildings, I received a number of e-mails, comments, and additional information from other manufacturers and suppliers of such structures. Here are some comments provided for your information. Feel free to contact them for more information.

From Cheryl Watt of Northgate Industries

After reading your article on the Mobile and Modular Buildings for mines,I have a few comments in regards to the Associations for Modular Builders. The company you list as Modular seems more like a company that is into modular house building rather than commercial or industrial Modular builders.

Most of the Modular Manufacturers (Commercial or Industrial) are part of the Modular Builders Institute. Most of the manufacturers you listed in your article are part of this association.

Also Northgate Industries has built for mines in the past. We have built a few mine dries as well as supplied modular accommodations to mines. If you would like details on some of the jobs we have done for the mines, I would be happy to give you more information on them.

From Brian Leitch of Smart-Tech

I enjoyed your article on Modular Buildings. I did not see any mention of SIP construction. Smart-Tech is an Agent and Distributor for two Canadian companies that manufacture ‘modular’ Wellsite (and have just started a product line of Camp buildings) using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). Our SIP buildings have many advantages verses traditional wood frame methods and materials in terms of life expectancy (40+ years), energy efficiency, noise attenuation, mold resistance and general comfort.

I am guilty like many using the word ‘modular’ improperly. Regardless, our buildings can be manufactured as complete units at the factory or as a pre-fab package for assembly at the site. Our ‘mobile’ buildings can be relocated indefinitely because SIP construction does not suffer the same stress/strain that typically limits the useful life of wood frame trailers.

All buildings (whether mobile or permanent) are designed to the high standards of the National Building Code and local requirements.

From Bob Ketcheson of Channel Building Systems

We are in the process ofdeveloping portable concrete floors to work in conjunction with the portable steel foundations and buildings. We designed the system for use in environmentally sensitive locations and on short term sites or where local regulations require the site to be fully recovered after mine completion and production shut down. One of thekey elements is the sectional design thatenables the components to beshipped to a remote site and assembled using unskilled labor.