Subsidence on underground mine workings can disrupt surface water flow and impact groundwater. This simple fact is brought home simply and starkly by a fine brochure from Hatch Mott MacDonald in a brochure Stream Undermining: Technology Update. Obviously the brochure tells you that if you need to avoid impacting surface water and groundwater due to subsidence, you should contact them. And why not? If they can put out this informative brochure, maybe they can help you too.

Read the brochure as I did for technical information, for there is enough there to satisfy the curious, establish the nature of the problem, list the essential steps in dealing with the issues, and be aware and prepared. For example here is their list of stream mitigation measures for subsidence-impacted streams:

  • Seal stream channel to prevent leakage from subsidence fractures.
  • Augment flow in impacted streams using wells or other sources of water.
  • Repair channels to eliminate areas of pooling and ponding.
  • Stabilize upstream areas to control erosion and sediment buildup.