I have previously written in this site about one of my favorite websites, namely www.geoengineer.org. Here is what I said almost a year ago:

"The site caters to the geotechnical engineer involved in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, foundations, earthquakes, environmental geotechnics, geophysical investigations, ground improvement, dams & embankments, excavations, pavements, retaining walls, slope stability, and reliability."

The site has expanded in the past year and the latest newsletter reminded me to take another look at the site. Here are some new favorites:

  • New Publications: A comprehensive listing of new books in geotechnical engineering.; how in the world does anybody afford to buy them all?
  • Events in Geoengineering: How in the world does anybody manage to attend them all?
  • Geoengineering Forums & Bulletin Boards: I pity the poor student who posted this question from an exam: How can you establish whether the behavior of a soil is likely to be elastic or not when you know the values of deviator stress, mean effective stress, and specific volume? Nobody has yet responded on the forum!

The site is run by Dimitris P. Zekkos who states that the site was started as a personal effort to provide useful information for engineers, students, and academia by taking advantages of the opportunities provided by the internet.