Ever on the lookout for another piece of software that helps the engineer, scientist, and technical folk analyze financial systems in the mining industry, my attention was turned to the GoldSim Financial Module. As with the basic GoldSim tools, this code, in essence, enables you to deterministically or stochastically put money into accounts, let the money grow or decline, and then take the money out to put to productive use. If you couple this module to other GoldSim modules, you can simulate and study the financial implications of your engineering projects. I suspect there is no significant limit to what you could do with this code, other than time and data.

For what it is worth, I copy some of the description of the code from the GoldSim website:

The GoldSim Financial Module allows you to probabilistically simulate financial systems that include accounts and funds, investments, options, projects or undertakings with specified cash flows, and insurance policies. The Financial Module makes it easy to probabilistically model financialinstruments,activities and processes such as:

  • funds and accounts with specified deposits, withdrawals, interest rates, and compounding periods;
  • future returns (in terms of NPV and IRR) of projects, business ventures, and similar undertakings;
  • future returns of portfolios of investments, accounting for volatility and uncertainty;
  • the acquisition and exercise of financial options (puts and calls); and
  • insurance policies.