International Finance Corporation applies to the projects it finances environmental and social standards to minimize their impact on the environment and on affected communities. Here are quick links to some of the documents they have prepared to describe and set out their requirements:

IFC environmental and social policies and procedures: Policy on Social and Environmental Sustainability - defines IFC’s role and responsibility in supporting project performance in partnership with clients

Disclosure Policy - defines IFC’s obligations to disclose information about itself as an institution and its activities

Environmental and Social Review Procedure - gives direction to IFC officers in implementing the Policy on Social and Environmental Sustainability and reviewing compliance and implementation by private sector projects

Performance Standards - defines clients’ roles and responsibilities for managing their projects and the requirements for receiving and retaining IFC support. The standards include requirements to disclose information.

Guidance Notes - companion documents to the Performance Standards providing guidance to clients (and IFC staff) in meeting the standards.

If you are interested in the larger world of mining finance and the politics and philosophies thereof, keep an eye on the ICF webpage on the Oil, Gas, Mining & Chemical Sectors. Always something new and interesting there. Also there is their page on Key Topics in Mining. It contains short statements on the ICF position on issues ranging from AIDS to small-scale mining. Worth a look if you are idle.