Sand and gravel mining in floodplains occurs nearly everywhere. If you want to mine sand and gravel in Pinal County, Arizona, you will need to comply with the requirements set out in Application Guidelines issued by the Pinal County Department of Public Works for Sand and Gravel Mining Floodplain Use Permits. This 61-page document provides a valuable checklist of factors and issues involved in mining sand and gravel in floodplains. Even if you have your own location-specific regulations and guidelines to comply with, I am sure you will benefit from the nine page of references that constitutes a comprehensive list of papers and books on relevant topics including: river mechanics and sediment engineering; fluvial geomorphology; lateral erosion; sediment transport modeling; scour; long-term degradation; headcutting; design of engineering structures; floodplain delineation; reclamation; channel stability; sedimentation engineering reports on Arizona river systems; instream mining regulations; the economic impacts of sand and gravel mining; and mining guidelines and recommendations.