Micromine announces global launch of PITRAM 3 at PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange 2008

Perth, Western Australia - Micromine, leading provider of mining and exploration software products and services, has announced that the highly-anticipated official global launch of PITRAM 3 will take place on 3 March at PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange 2008.

The exclusive launch will be attended by new and existing Micromine clients. PITRAM, the real-time mine production control system that manages all aspects of surface and underground mining operations, is one of Micromine’s principal products and scores high on being a scalable solution that can be standardised and grown within a site or organisation.

According to Micromine’s Technical Business Development Manager Nathan Jolly, the new features of PITRAM 3 include a simplified user interface, functionality that allows multiple control room operators to use the software and enhanced 3D visualisation and advanced reporting capabilities.

‘Control room operators can spend more time focusing on the mine operation with less time spent on the software. With 3D Visualisation which uses a powerful 3D engine, vehicles can be displayed against 3D mine designs. It’s also exciting that this 3D engine supports photo overlays and GIS features,’ said Jolly.

He added that small to mid-size mining operations would significantly benefit from this simple and flexible mine control system which has new automation features that are more suited for open-cut operations.

The market leader has decided to launch PITRAM 3 at PDAC 2008 primarily because the trade show that happens in Toronto is well-attended by Micromine’s clients in North America.

We have a rapidly growing footprint in the North American region and some of our most valuable clients in this geography including Barrick Gold, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, De Beers and Newmont, are using our solutions in their operations,’ said Micromine’s Commercial Manager Alan Fenelon.

PITRAM 3 scores on being purpose built and cost effective, setting the standard for mine production control that is closely aligned with meeting the needs of the industry,’ added Fenelon.

PDAC delegates who are keen on attending the session or booking a product demonstration may register their interest by emailing marketing@micromine.com.