From the Waterinfo e-news put out by Wallingford Software, here are a few news items and a bit of promotion that I thought worth recording for those interested in hydraulics and software.

  • US reservoir could be dry by 2017. Lake Mead, the United States' largest man-made lake and reservoir could run dry in less than 15 years as a result of climate change and water demand, a study has concluded. [Edie]
  • China approves flood control plans for major water systems. The State Council, China's Cabinet, has approved flood control plans for Haihe River, Taihu Lake, Liaohe River and Songhua River to improve their flood control capabilities, perfecting cities' flood control systems and ensuring safety of people and properties. [Asia Water Business ]
  • As supplies dry up, growers pass on farming and sell water. In California where water has become an increasingly scarce commodity, a growing number of farmers are betting they can make more money selling their water supplies to thirsty cities and farms to the south than by growing crops. [US Water News]
  • Ireland pours funding into water schemes. The Irish government has approved 16.5m Euros worth of funding for new water service schemes in Galway City and County. [Edie]
  • Cleanup Efforts Fail to Improve Water Quality at Three Gorges. The Chinese State Environmental Protection Administration has released a report saying that water quality at the Three Gorges reservoir, the lake created from the construction of the world's largest dam, hasn't improved despite a multi-billion-dollar cleanup effort [Source: WWD]

Now the promotion bit, that is still interesting: the Wallingford solutions comprise:

  • InfoWorks: a suite of integrated yet separate 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling software solutions that embrace the whole water cycle from supply and distribution (InfoWorks WS), urban drainage and wastewater management (InfoWorks CS); stormwater drainage (InfoWorks SD) through to river and coastal management (InfoWorks RS);
  • FloodWorks: offering real time flood forecasting, monitoring, event notification, and decision support for operational control rooms;
  • InfoNet: an asset data management system for water and wastewater networks that enables users to integrate, validate, clean, control, store and report upon the wealth of diverse data that exists within water organizations from GIS data to CCTV images.