Another newsletter hit my desk today. Do you also get so many you cannot keep up? Some are better than others. One that is worth looking at if you are into mining-related software is from QMASTOR -- see their site to sign up for the newsletter. I edit out the “sales pitch” from the following that describes their services and products:

“QMASTOR is a technology company providing software and services to the mining, port, power generation and bulk commodity industries. Our supply chain software & solution suite includes: bulk material tracking, mine logistics management, mine planning and scheduling, stockpile management, stockpile modeling, grade control, blend management, mine reconciliation, process plant management, commodity marketing, contract management, systems integration, mine consulting, mine surveying & 3D laser scanning.”

For example, their stockpile modeling software is described thus: is an advanced management information system used in bulk material stockyards to track and visualise parcels of material in three dimensional space. The system is used to track and dynamically model stockpile tonnage, grade and value in real time to enable proactive grade management and optimise process plant configuration, blend planning and reclamation/load planning. can be employed throughout the bulk materials supply chain wherever the need for highly accurate tracking of bulk minerals or commodities is required. For example, mine load-out, domestic and export product stockpiles, power station/smelter and port stockyards. The system is particularly well suited to operations that have the capability to selectively reclaim sections of bulk materials from stockpiles or wherever there is a need for using accurate grade and tonnage predictions to plan and schedule downstream operational and logistics activities.