MICROMINE’s Pit Optimiser raises the bar on pit optimisation software

A recent study by Golder Associates has revealed that MICROMINE’s powerful Pit Optimiser is as high in usability and performance, as other leading industry-standard optimisation software such as Gemcom’s Whittle 4X optimiser.

The Pit Optimisation module in MICROMINE is an ultimate pit shell and pit sequencing optimiser. Using the Lerchs-Grossman algorithm, it calculates a subset of blocks (from an existing block model) that yields a feasible pit with the greatest value. It does this for a given geological model under a given set of pit slope constraints, mining and processing cost, metallurgical recovery and selling price parameters.

The report reveals that in terms of processing speed, the overall performance of the MICROMINE optimiser is comparable to that of other leading optimisation software.

With last week’s release of the first service pack for MICROMINE V 11, MICROMINE users can expect even faster processing speeds, completely outdoing its competition.

“In some optimisation scenarios, we have improved our pit optimiser’s performance by up to 50%,” said Micromine’s Technical Manager Ivan Zelina.

Despite being a recent addition to the MICROMINE software suite, the Pit Optimiser has dynamic functionality and has been lauded for its user-friendly interface.

According to Zelina, Micromine’s pit optimiser which has been enjoying good sales in international markets, is second to none.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the study and it proves that our application is particularly robust. We were initially not entirely happy with the performance of our optimiser and that is why we focused more of our recent development efforts on it. This has paid off – the performance of our optimiser in this study will further boost our users’ confidence in the product,” he added.

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