The International Council on Mining & Metals is not shy about their aims and objectives. They state them thus:

Our vision is a "viable mining, minerals and metals industry that is widely recognized as essential for modern living and a key contributor to sustainable development." Our members believe that by demonstrating superior business practices they will gain preferential access to land, capital and markets, thus contributing to high equity values and enabling recruitment of talented employees.

The members of ICMM include fifteen mining companies from Alcoa to Xstrata plus mining associations worldwide.

They have about twenty-four projects underway. Here are links to the categories under which they group their projects:

Impressed by the correct Latin plural of forum, I took a look at their fora. From what I can make out, most of their work regarding the fora involves representing the views of their members at a never-ending series of meetings and conferences that produce resolutions, statements, frameworks, initiatives, and reports. Good stuff and if fully implemented admirable and beneficial to all.

The part of the site I found most fun is that on their staff members: lots of photos of earnest young Brits ready to change the world. And maybe they will. E-mail them and ask them what they can do for you.