More on Wetlands for stormwater protection from the Center for Watershed Protection. At this link you will find fine publications and technical information about wetlands.

The latest publications, free for download is The Next Generation of Stormwater Wetlands. It is described thus:

"The Next Generation of Stormwater Wetlands" is the latest and final release of the six-part Wetlands & Watersheds Article Series from the Center for Watershed Protection. This article provides information about a new generation of stormwater wetlands with improved performance and community acceptance, in the hopes of rejuvenating their use as a stormwater treatment practice. Two new stormwater wetland designs are presented: an emergent wetland/pond system and a wooded wetland. The authors recommend their use in place of the classic shallow marsh and pond/wetland system designs, and discuss some ways to further develop and test these new prototypes. Visit the wetlands website to learn how communities can integrate wetlands into larger watershed protection efforts. Also available are Articles 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 of the series. All articles are available for free download. Download the complete Article 5 here. (PDF)