“What other abandoned mined land site can boast of being an operating landfill, a growing community recreational center, the site of a world championship racing event, and the site of an NCAA Championship event? The reclaimed Victory Mine Site was once a barren and eroded abandoned mine refuse area that created sedimentation and acid mine drainage problems into an adjacent stream. The site was also used as a trash disposal area for years and an open mine entry presented a hazard to human safety. Today the site is a major community recreation area and the location for local, national, and world sports events. The site has come a long way in the last few years and the story is remarkable.”

Thus begins the submission of reclamation of the Victory Mine for the Indiana Abandoned Mine Reclamation Award for 2003. I do not know if this mine site reclamation won in 2003, but I do know that it is worth reading the submission for indeed “the story is remarkable.” The submission provides the details of the site’s use and abuse over the years during which coal was mined, the mined out area used for waste disposal, and the area allowed to erode and contaminate streams. Then reclamation work was put in place and today the area is, as noted in the paragraph quoted above, and area used and enjoyed by the community. I leave you to read the details; the text and photos will reward your time.