The International Erosion Control Association is a source of On-Demand education opportunities. If you are unfortunate enough to reside in one of those states where you continually have to take expensive training to maintain your registration, here is one place to do it.

I would be tempted to take the course on the review of basic geomorphic principles, stream classifications, and channel evolution. But there are five parts each costing $65, so that pleasure can await another day.

Most of the courses pertain to getting the designation IECA Trained. Described thus:

The IECA Trained designation confirms that an individual has received up-to-date information about current regulatory issues, best management practices, new technology, effective methods, applications, and other important developments in a specific field of the erosion and sediment control profession from IECA qualified instructors. Currently, the Professional Development Committee of IECA has approved four profession specific courses of study:

* Construction Site Stormwater Management

* Inspector in Training

* Streambank Restoration

* Vegetation Establishment

Seems worth while to have at least one IECA trained person in each mining company, if not at each mine site.