By Greg Fenrick

Rock Drills are used for quarry, mining in ores, trenching & general excavation involving short holes. It is the everyday tool for the small job. Rock drills are also used for marble-granites industries.

Rock Drills can be used for holes up to 20 feet or over but are most efficient when confined to holes of not over 10 to 12 feet. Rock drills are designed to fight the hardest materials created by nature-rock & ore. The small size makes them ideal for work in confined spaces.

They are typically pneumatic, used in combination with portable compressors or tractor mounted compressors & drill steel. However, Hilti Corporation’s TE MD20 rock drilling system is the first in the industry to be electric. Hilti claims “low vibration and low noise bring a previously unknown level of user friendliness and safety to rock drilling. High drilling performance and low operating costs coupled with long service intervals make it a genuine productivity factor.”

Portable Rock Drill Manufacturers

Winner Industry Corporation Ltd

Swastic Drilling Company Ltd

ASI Rock Drill, Inc.

Beijing Tony International Trade Co., Ltd.

J.K. Mechanical Tools Co.

Vikay Mining Equipments

Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Technique

Rockwell Engineering Company

Ambika Pneumatic Pvt. Ltd.

India Machinery Corporation

Hilti Corporation


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