Here is an email I got today from the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AMEBC):

Bill 43 & Mineral Tenure Compensation – Contact the BC Government

On Thursday, May 8th, AME BC’s Board of Directors met jointly with the Policy and Land Use Committees to discuss and decide next steps concerning significant policy issues. Overall, there is serious concern about lack of consultation by the provincial government, resulting in expedient legislative solutions that unnecessarily create major negative impacts on industry.

No Compensation for Loss of Interests Related to Expropriation

B.C. plans to table a Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 43) which contains an amendment to the Law & Equity Act that would remove, or effectively remove, the right to compensation when rights on Crown land are expropriated.

This amendment has wide-reaching, serious implications for British Columbians. AME BC has sent a letter to Premier Gordon Campbell opposing the passage of this amendment (click here for letter). Other industry groups also are writing to their government representatives and to the Premier. (Coast Forest Products Association, BC Chamber of Commerce)

We encourage you to contact your MLA and the Premier to register your concern.

Please use this link to identify and contact your MLA and the Premier to register your concern.