The World Mining Congress & Expo 2008 will take place in Poland, September 9-12. Here are more details on this important mining exhibition from their website -

The MINING EXPO 2008 exhibition of mining equipment and machinery will form an integral part of the 21st World Mining Congress.

This is a brief review of the attendance:

We expect over 1000 participants to attend the Congress sessions, consisting of mining scientists and practitioners from all over the world. This affords a great and unique opportunity to present one's products and services to such a broad, respectable and influential circle.We trust you will take advantage of the promotional opportunities brought forth by the 21st World Mining Congress' sponsoring and advertising programs. The offer is truly comprehensive and offers you the sponsoring company to present yourself to the Congress attendees in a variety of ways.

The following provides info on the focus:

Scope and content of the EXPO exhibition

In line with the congress motto "New Challenges and Visions for Mining" the Mining Expo will present the opportunity to view the latest equipment technologies and techniques employed in the mining industries. The exhibition will be themed around the following sectors of the industry:

    • mining and processing of bituminous coal and lignite,
    • machines and equipment for ore extraction and processing,
    • drilling machines and drill fittings,
    • rock mining,
    • chemicals for the mining industry,
    • electric power technologies,
    • products from the iron & steel sector for the mining industry,
    • environmental protection,
    • occupational health and safety.