Astec, Inc., Leading Manufacturer of Hot-Mix Asphalt Plants
Invests in DEM Solutions EDEM™ Discrete Element Method Modeling Software

Lebanon, NH, USA and Edinburgh, Scotland (May 15, 2008) – DEM Solutions (USA) Inc., the world leader in innovative DEM (Discrete Element Method) software solutions for computer simulation and analysis of bulk solids handling and processing operations, is pleased to announce that Astec, Inc., of Chattanooga, Tennessee, will be relying on DEM Solutions’ EDEM software to meet their current and future discrete element modeling needs. Astec, who designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous and batch-process hot-mix asphalt facilities and associated equipment, is implementing a perpetual license for EDEM software to aid in their commitment to leading edge design and process optimization.

DEM Solutions’ EDEM is a state-of-the-art Discrete Element Method computer simulation software used to model, analyze, and visualize the interaction of bulk solids with each segment of a facility’s handling and processing equipment. .EDEM provides a means of testing the performance of design prototypes to determine the best system configuration for each material and operating condition. Full integration with CAD design software allows users to import 3D solid models of their equipment; and EDEM’s easy-to-use tools let users define specific material properties and the movement of components, such as mixers and conveyor belts. With the shortest simulation times of any DEM software on the market, and extensive data visualization and analysis capabilities, EDEM enables engineers to quickly identify the optimum design while also gaining useful insights into the key components controlling the physical interaction between bulk solids, equipment design, and operating parameters.

Astec is the world leader in hot-mix asphalt equipment, technology, support, and training. Astec produces stationary, relocatable, and portable asphalt production facilities, which include materials handling and processing equipment such as asphalt mixers and dryers, grinders and mills, particulate emission control devices, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, transfer points, bins, and silos. To meet their modeling needs, Astec has selected the optional FLUENT coupling module available with EDEM, which models and analyzes particle-fluid interactions. Astec has previously leased the EDEM software and their decision to purchase a perpetual license for EDEM is an indication of Astec’s satisfaction with DEM Solutions’ proven technology for optimizing equipment and process design while reducing associated prototype costs.

Andrew Hobbs, at Astec stated:

“EDEM software gives our engineers a state-of-the-art tool for the development of new equipment and allows us to model each process segment of our hot-mix asphalt plants. Our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with the latest technological edge in asphalt manufacturing, and EDEM will help us meet that goal of continuous innovation.”

John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, adds:

“ We are very pleased that Astec has chosen EDEM as the platform for their particle simulation applications. Astec is one of the most advanced users of EDEM, using a combination of particle and fluid dynamics to simulate complex processes within their hot-mix asphalt plants. We look forward to further advancing EDEM’s capability to help in the continuing development and innovation of Astec equipment.”


About DEM Solutions

DEM Solutions is the leader in discrete element modeling software, providing solutions that enable companies to improve their products and processes by simulating and analyzing their bulk solids operations at the particle scale. The DEM Solutions EDEM software is the world’s most advanced DEM simulation package. Combining the fastest commercially available DEM solver with an easy-to-use interface, incorporating 3D solid model import and an extensive set of model set-up and data visualization and analysis tools, EDEM is used for the design and analysis of particulate handling, processing, and manufacturing operations in almost every industry sector and engineering discipline. EDEM provides engineers with a means of substantially reducing the number of physical prototypes and tests required for new designs, simplifies the task of trouble-shooting complex particulate processes, and improves the overall understanding of system fundamentals. This leads to design improvements and innovation in product and process.

DEM Solutions is highly experienced in the industrial application of DEM to solve bulk handling issues in a wide range of particulate processes. More than just a software developer, DEM Solutions provides global consulting and training services directly, and in partnership, with other leading engineering software and consulting companies. Its corporate headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland with an office in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA and sales offices and distributor representation worldwide.

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