Prediction of the Beach Profile of High Density Thickened Tailings From Rheological and Small Scale Trial Deposition Data is the title of the PowerPoint presentation. The corresponding technical paper has the same title. Either way they are a powerful set: substantive information on a critical topic. The author of both is Gordon McPhail who did his PhD on the prediction of the beach profile for conventional hydraulically deposited tailings. Now he turns his mind to the beach profile for high density thickened tailings.

The many potential advantages of thickened tailings, including reduced water loss, makes it a popular consideration for many mines. The problem however is to predict the beach profile, the slope of the tailings on discharge, and hence to be able to predict what the geometry of the tailings deposit will be.

In this paper, Gordon sets out the physical principles, the governing mathematics, and the results of flume tests to demonstrate that his approach works. If you are about to design a facility for thickened tailings, you need this paper.