GoldSim to the rescue again: an abstract for the conference on Tailings & Mine Waste ’08 tells of a water balance model for the Pierina Gold Mine in Peru using GoldSim for the entire plant. To quote:

“The model itself includes water balance for individual site facilities and integrates them into a site-wide water balance and inventory. The facilities include six separate holding ponds, leach pad, and dike, raincoat liners used to cover the pads, processing plant, acid rock drainage plant, and two main diversion ditches used on site. Waste rock and the surrounding natural and disturbed areas were incorporated as part of the water balance to calculate the runoff into the holding ponds and diversions ditches.”

This model is used as an integral part of the mine’s compliance with the International Cyanide Code.

And just to end this link-filled posting, see Barrick’s site on Pierina and my writings of mine water balances. By the time you have read all the information in the links, you too will be able to compile a water balance for your own mine.