If you collect a lot of data in the field, you may want to take a look at SNAP! Data Collection Solutions from JRP Solutions. Here is what the company says about this tool:

SNAP! is a quick, simple, yet powerful tool for remote digital data collection. For use on Windows based PDA’s; SNAP! can re-create any field card to a digital format, and export the data via MS Excel or xml. Designed to quickly and cost effectively replace field cards - and the double data entry they represent.

Features include:

  • Virtually any type of data format accepted including:
    • Receiving data from a GPS to record way points.
    • Sketches.
    • And all other standard data formats.
  • ‘Help’ text available to ensure field staff record the correct data in the correct format.
  • Data entered via user defined pull downs, grids, or straight data entry allowing users to choose how to best enter their data in the quickest method possible.
  • Cards able to validate, calculate, summarize and report data being collected for on-site decisions.
  • Print your reports directly out of your desktop SNAP!, or export the data to another system.
  • SNAP! cards can be easily emailed.

JRP Solutions Ltd. is a leader in handheld applications. Our newest product (SNAP!) revolutionizes digital data capture by enabling companies to standardize their data collection in a very cost effective manner. Once a card template has been created, it is yours to customize and distribute to whomever you wish, quickly making this option less expensive than traditional paper field cards.

For more information, click on the following link for a short (2 ½ minute) video, or call JRP Solutions Ltd. at 1 800 535 2093, email us at steve@jrpltd.com or visit our web site at http://www.jrpltd.com/.


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