TWP promises “complete solutions for the mining and mineral industry.” With 1,500 people in Johannesburg and elsewhere all the way to Australia, they probably can deliver. I have not worked with them or heard of them before I chanced on their website as a result of an email from Isadore Matunhire who has recently left the University in Pretoria to join TWP.

I spent many hours at Impala Platinum mine, so I was fascinated to see this amongst their projects:

Impala Platinum has awarded TWP the contract for the R3,4-billion 17 Shaft Project. The study focuses on the scope, estimation and financial returns of all aspects of the project, including the sinking of the main and ventilation shafts to 1 800m. Project completion and full production of 230 000 t/m is, pending Impala Platinum board approval, is expected to be achieved by 2016. Work has commenced on site.

In fact if you go to their project listings you will find about seventeen projects involving the feasibility and “execution” of shafts. I am not sure what execution means in this context.

It’s kind of hard to understand the overall company from its website. On the home page is an organization chart that has such small print I nearly squinted me blind to read it. But the upshot appears to be a hydra-compartmented entity ranging from finance, to architects, to effluent technologies, to Matomo projects, to Zambia, to Australia, to consulting. The text adds a little:

TWP, with a head count of more than 1,500 people, has often been described as “a mining house without a mine”, because we’re able to offer our clients all the resources traditionally held in-house by the old guard mining houses. Our experts across the spectrum of mining disciplines have honed their craft on some of the biggest and most challenging projects in the world. We are the only complete professional solutions supplier to the mining industry, with services spanning resource identification, bankable feasibility studies, mine and production planning, process engineering, project execution, delivery and project handover.

They list it all in the consulting arena:

TWP Consulting’s services reflect the full spectrum of mining disciplines required by today’s international mineral developers: construction management, detailed engineering design, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies, geological and geotechnical assessments, mine design and planning, mine environmental design, mine ventilation design, ore body assessment, process engineering, project finance, project management, refrigeration design, risk management, safety, health and environment, planning and management, surface mining infrastructure design, turnkey projects, underground mining services design.

With all those skills you would hope for a simpler org chart---or at least not a complex one on the home page, and some text with verve rather than catalogue-faith.