Risk management enables you to identify risks and take action to avoid them before you get hurt. At least that is the theory. In practice, it may scare you so much that you decide instead to do nothing.

The problem lies in the definition of risk. Try making a list of the things that could go wrong as you put your pants on each morning - enough to make you Scottish and a kilt devotee!

Heap leach pad operation can be equally as hazardous if you list the risks. To prove my point I have compiled a list of risks associated with operating a heap leach pad. In the list I give my suggestions as to how you might go about avoiding them, or at least mitigating their consequences.

This list is personal, subjective, and not associated with any real heap leach pad. I provide it in the hopes that it may help you if ever one day you have to do similar for your project or mine. But you will have to make your list specific to your project. Let me know how you fair.