MAYSVILLE, Ky. – Carlson Mine Financials from Carlson Software enables scheduling and tracking of all mining resources and activities – work crews, in-use and non-assigned equipment, supplies, fuel, labor and miscellaneous costs – to determine the most cost effective and efficient ways to achieve desired results.

This represents a whole new Carlson Mining module from Carlson Software, the acknowledged technology choice of the U.S. coal mining industry, designed to move mining companies from 2D and 3D applications into the new frontier of 4D and 5D (time and cost) analysis.

Decide where and when you wish to begin mining and Carlson Mine Financials will use your location, task, and equipment information to estimate when you can expect to be complete and how much it will cost. The software can compute not only how fast a project can be accomplished, but how many and exactly which pieces of equipment will be needed based on criteria such as a deadline.

“First, mining companies using our software can identify the various mining equipment vehicles in use, such as shovels and continuous miners,” says Grant Wenker, PE, director of Mining Sales for Carlson Software. “Then, they will assign production rates to them, whether by tons, cubic yards or linear foot of advance, and then they can compute time-based projections based on the terrain models, depths, and ability of the equipment.”

The flow of data in Carlson Mine Financials, a full financial analysis program, is straight-forward. It takes its output from the underground and surface mine scheduling routines found in Carlson Mining, providing seamless integration of Carlson Mining Timing and Scheduling reports to generate activity- and event-based production costs for budgeting.

All reports can be exported in Excel or HTML formats for printing or further analysis. The drilldown feature in reports provides efficient error-checking in cost calculations. It also allows comparing of actual and budgeted expenses and the generating of revenue streams based on sales contract terms.

“Upon completion of a project,” adds Wenker, “this technology provides a detailed report of the assumptions and results including quantities and a 3D model of the resulting surface.”

Carlson Software, founded in 1983 and renowned for its personal service, has a nearly 25-year history of providing cutting edge software to the mining industry. Available in modules – Geology, Surface, Underground, Basic Mining, and Mine Financials – Carlson Mining gives users the chance to choose exactly what they need.

For more information, call Carlson Software at 606-564-5028 and ask for Grant Wenker or Steve Richards. Or go online at